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The Artist Raffaele Ciotola was born in Miano - Naples on Octuber 17 of 1964, attained the bachelor of the “Institute of Art F. Palizzi” in Naples-Italy in 1983.Opera singer, musician, actor and figurative painter, artistically began in 1980 with an exhibition in Naples then prepare other throughout Italy until 2002. Among the awards achieved, he gets a gold medal for the exhibition at the Palace”La Triade” of Milan in 1980. His solo exhibition in Tuscia dates back to December 2002 when he exhibits for the first time th Hall Anselmi, of Viterbo - Lazio - Italy. From this moment takes off his rich artistic pruduction.


Oil on canvas 90 x 90


Oil on canvas


Paintings of the artist Raffaele Ciotola

dedicated to

Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed

Oil on canvas 50 x 70

Towards the end of June 2009 will not remember the exact day, I had a dream very special. I dreamed of being a spectator in front of a sad scene that I conveyed a feeling of great wonder and inquetude. The next morning when I woke up immediately decided to make a 'work in my opinion, very special, and so I reported on the canvas the whole scene I had witnessed in the dream.






The Movement was founded in 2003, Italy by Raffaele Ciotola.

The scope of the movement is to discourage racist attitudes and homophobic behaviour that arise when a glbt homosexual work of art is exhibited to the public. The idea is to spread cultural awareness and respect in the struggle against homophobia. Mr. Ciotola firmly believes that painting, like music, is a direct and universal Language sending messages and spreading ideas with even more immediacy than literature. In fact, his works express the cultural structures involving the male and female, of love between men,love between women, transgender experiences,discrimination,violence and refusal. "The Artist creates freely in the struggle against prejudice and ignorance. Through his creativity he attacks the very source of homophobic attitudes and bravely upholds a revolution in new cultural standards of behaviour. It is both necessary and urgent to achieve this goal, to be trusting and win trust,where difference actually makes the difference and is enrichening;where the beholder of the work of art may find room for his emotions. This movement arises from the need to spread a message coming from the heart, but that is too often filtered by society in terms of religion or politics, and therefore often distorted and hypocritical. This deprives the person of their dignity,sense of freedom and respect as an individual. The most important work of Raffaele Ciotola is the "Madonna of the Homosexuals", painted between 2003 and 2007 and dedicated to the many thousands of homosexual victims murdered by the nazis. The artist attempts to express in this oil painting the immense grief experienced in his very soul by creating a work of art of great ethical and moral value thus creating the very manifesto of "Stop Homoph Art". The iconic impact is unusual and differs from the traditional Virgin and Child; the language is straightforward and nonconformist. In the the painter's words: "I chose Maria as an historical and religious figure, because she alone can represent a work of art meant to communicate a genuine feeling of love and goodness. The brushstrokes are at times few and fragmented in the soft folds of the dress of the female figure,and then more precise and detailed in the outline of her face and in the decorative and symbolic elements. Colour is used in different shades and contrast with the cold and warm tonalities and the complementary colours of the blue and orange cloak. The light is soft coming from the very face of the Madonna as if she were radiating a cosmic energy embracing humanity itself. The composition rests on a central axis where the Holy Child with the globe in its hand, rests on the clasped hands of the Virgin Mary. The symbols grasped in the other hand by the holy child depict the symbols of the homosexual world. The delicate chiaroscuro enhances further the vertical effect. More symbols and decorations are present on the frame itself, together with the title, and from right to left of the virgin's halo, are the Alfa and Omega which symbolize God and Eternity, the Beginning and the End. The pink triangle was sewn on the uniforms of the gay victims by the Nazis according para §175 StGB Law inhibiting homosexual behaviour and represents the movement that the artist Raffaele Ciotola has created, inviting all to support it, in the name not only of humanity but of human rights. Art can play a fundamental role in the struggle against prejudice and specifically, homophobia. Art can teach to tolerate homosexuality and in the words of Picasso :

In the face of human tragedies, Picasso once said "Artists cannot and must not be indifferent" . Michela Marconi Demaldè

The main character of my work is Mary, whom I portrayed not as a religious figure, but as the timeless historical mother symbolizing immense love - the kind that accepts, protects and supports every single human being unconditionally and without distinction. The Madonna not only embraces in a single gesture Jesus the Child, but all humankind, represented by the terrestial globe she holds in her hand. Her loving gaze is not only directed at her Son but also embraces all those sons who are homosexuals, represented by gay male and female symbols which the child Jesus clasps in his hand.In order to bind even more closely the madonna to her homosexual children, I chose the same heraldic symbols above her head using the colours of the Gay flag and two bouquets. Those very flowers have two meanings:the one means happiness for homosexual unions whilst the other is in remembrance of all those homosexual victims who tragically and unjustly met their death. I mean all the victims who are officially registered in the documents but have been forgotten for too long. The nazi victims especially, who suffered discrimination and fear of gender difference caused by ignorance and the fact that homosexuality is a condition and not a choice. Society has ignored for too long who the "pink triangles" were and it seems that the gay community has also forgotten today. With this work, I would like to awaken the memory of so much suffering and also stir the consciences of all concerned by offering this token of remembrance through the holy Lady which I have portrayed. I am convinced that no other than she could express the suffering of all those families who lost their sons only because they happened to be 'different'. Many things are slowly changing today in many countries . The GLBT community is gradually becoming more and more respected thereby restoring the hopes and dreams denied so cruelly to the homosexual victims of Nazism. In my simbolic portrayal, Mary is the mother of humankind, oblivious to differences, dispensing her Love to all.

"Protagonista della mia opera è Maria, che non ho voluto ritrarre nella sua valenza religiosa, bensì nella sua figura storica di madre, che ho scelto come simbolo di un immenso amore, il solo in grado di accettare, proteggere e sostenere ogni singolo individuo senza riserve o distinzioni. La Madonna infatti in un solo gesto non solo stringe a se Gesù ma al contempo abbraccia l' umanità intera rappresentata dalla sfera terrestre che tiene in una mano. In particolare poi, il suo sguardo affettuoso è rivolto non solo al figlio ma contemporaneamente anche a quei figli che vivono la condizione omosessuale e che sono rappresentati quì dai simboli gay maschili e femminili che lo stesso Gesù le porge. Per rafforzare il legame tra la madonna e i suoi figli omosessuali, ho riproposto gli stessi simboli nell' araldica sopra di lei, accompagnati dai colori della bandiera gay e due coppie di bouquet. Proprio quei fiori vogliono comunicare un messaggio speciale dalla duplice valenza: mentre da un lato possono rimandare alla felicità delle unioni gay, dall' altro vogliono ricordare la morte di tutti gli omosessuali tragicamente e ingiustamente scomparsi. Mi riferisco a tutte le morti storicamente documentate ma che per troppo tempo sono rimaste dimenticate, morti avvenute in particolare durante il nazismo e causate dalla discriminazione, dalla paura della differenza di genere e dalla mancata conoscenza che l' omosessualità è una condizione e non una scelta. Troppo a lungo la società ha ignorato chi fossero i "triangoli rosa" e sembra che anche la comunità gay l' abbia oggi dimenticato. Con questa opera voglio invece risvegliare il ricordo di quelle sofferenze e sensibilizzare la coscienza di tutti verso la possibilità di affidare questo ricordo alla protagonista del mio dipinto. Per me, nessuno più di Lei poteva rappresentare il dolore di tutte quelle famiglie, che persero il loro figli solo perchè diversi. Tante cose, stanno cambiando, lentamente, e lo dimostrano alcune nazioni, che con rispetto accolgono le esigenze, della comunità GLBT ridandogli quelle speranze, sogni, e desideri, che furono negati alle vittime omosessuali durante il nazimo. Nella mia opera pittorica simbolica, Maria è madre di tutti, senza fare alcuna differenza, è semplicemente AMOREVOLE''.

Raffaele Ciotola



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